About Gorakhnath

Gorakh Nath is also Known as Goraksh Nath. He is the Yoga power of Lord Shiva, who himself is the whole universe. There are many meanings for the name. First let's separate the name into smaller parts Go + Rakshya = Gorakshya The meaning of Go are Cow, Earth (or universe) or the Indriya (Through which person interacts with the outer world also moha or attachment). The meaning of Rakshya is to protect.

The combined meaning becomes as such :
The one who protects us from the un-escapable net of moha by protecting the indriyas. When all the individual are protected from misutilizing their bodies, which develops the mind so much that we become able to know all the things in the universe, then the universe is protected as a whole.

Gorakshanath (also known as Gorakhnath) was an 11th to 12th century[1]Nath yogi, connected to Shaivism as one of the two most important disciples of Matsyendranath, the other being Caurangi.

Traditionally, Guru Gorakshanath is believed to have been born sometime in the 8th century, although some believe he was born hundreds of years later. He traveled widely across the Indian subcontinent, and accounts about him are found in some form in several places including Afghanistan, Baluchistan, Punjab, Sindh, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Nepal, Assam, Bengal, Kathiawar(Gujarat), Maharashtra, Karnataka, and even Sri Lanka.

There are varying records of the spiritual descent of Gorakshanath. All name Adinath and Matsyendranath as two teachers preceding him in the succession. Though one account lists five gurus preceding Adinath and another lists six teachers between Matsyendranath and Gorakshanath, current tradition has Adinath identified with Lord Shiva as the direct teacher of Matsyendranath, who was himself the direct teacher of Gorakshanath.[2]
The Nath tradition underwent its greatest expansion during the time of Gorakshanath. He produced a number of writings and even today is considered the greatest of the Naths. It has been purported that Gorakshanath wrote the first books on Laya yoga. In India there are many caves, many with temples built over them, where it is said that Gorakshanath spent time in meditation. According to Bhagawan Nityananda, the samadhi shrine (tomb) of Gorakshanath is at Nath Mandir near the Vajreshwari temple about one kilometer from Ganeshpuri, Maharashtra, India.[3] According to legends Gorakshanath and Matsyendranath did penance in Kadri Temple at Mangalore, Karnataka.They are also instrumental in laying Shivlingam at Kadri and Dharmasthala.

The temple of Gorakhnath is also situated on hill called Garbhagiri near Vambori,Tal Rahuri ;Dist Ahmednagar.


In Greater Bengal Macchindra was moving from one place to other soliciting alms. While doing so he reached the same village where he had given some ash to a lady named Saraswati. He went to her house. "Jay Allakh Niranjan*!" saying this asked for alms. When the lady came out he asked her name. "Long ago I had given you some holy ash, I hope you consumed it! You must have delivered a boy, so where is he? He must be twelve years old now,"he said. The lady got scared and told him, "Due to fear I threw it near the garbage place. What should I do now? I have committed a sin!" Nath asked her to show the place where she had thrown the ash. She showed him the place which was at one corner of the yard where there was a heap of garbage and cow dung. He remembered that the incarnation of Hari Narayana was going to happen from Goraksha – A birth in a labyrinth situation. The Nath called out,"Child! Goraksha! I am Macchindranath calling you out! You stayed under a heap of cow dung for twelve years, now come out." And a voice came from the heap, "O Great Guru, I am here! Pull me out!" Macchindranath said to the astonished lady, "Please get a spade immediately!" While the lady got it, people nearby had gathered around and were looking in wonderment. They helped the Nath in clearing the heap. From under the heap came a twelve year old glorious Saraswati started crying cursing her misfortune. Nath consoled her,"What is the use of crying now? He is anyways not your son! Don't wait here or I might curse you." She went home crying. The onlookers were surprised and scared at the same time. Macchindra left the village taking Goraksha along. He initiated Goraksha into the world of Yoga and with a disposition of soliciting alms they started travelling to various villages.


Later they came to a village named Kanakgiri. Macchindra stayed back at a secluded place away from the locality and sent the child, Goraksha, to solicit alms in the village.Goraksha was a great adorer of his Guru. He rendered obedience to Macchindranath in every way possible. Even Nath loved him a lot. Goraksha went to the village to solicit alms. Inside a house the ritual of Pitru Shraaddha* was going on. Seeing a twelve year old boy asking for alms the lady in that house gave him Vadas along with various mouthwatering foods available in the house. Goraksha got the required alms at one place, so he returned. They both ate the tasty food. Macchindranath felt like eating some more Vadas. He kept looking at Goraksha's face. He immediately understood that his Guru has something to say but is hesitating for some reason. He asked him coaxingly.Macchindra replied, "It would have been great if I could get some more Vadas."Goraksha said, "I will go back to that house and ask that lady. If she agrees, I will get some" and he left. On reaching the house, he called out, "Mother!" The lady came out and asked, "Now what?" "Mother, my Guru liked the Vadas a lot.Can you please give me some more alms?" said he. She said, "A great adorer that you are! I will give you more Vadas only if you give me what I want!" Goraksha said, "To render obedience to my Guru, I can give you anything." To test his words, she said, "Give me any one of your eye!" Goraksha immediately pulled out his eye with his nails and kept the bleeding eye at the lady's feet. "Mother, take my eye and give me the Vadas!" he said. The lady got scared! And hurriedly got some Vadas and threw it in his Zholi. She said, "I don't want your eye. Now you please leave immediately!" She got scared that there will be an outrage in her house if her family comes to know of this incident. Goraksha gave the Vadas to Macchindra. His one eye was tied up with a cloth. When Macchindra came to know the entire incident he hugged Goraksha with love.

The child's sacrifice for him, moved him deeply. With the help of Sanjeevani Mantra*, he retained Goraksha's eye. Macchindra got extremely pleased and gave his favorite disciple, Goraksha, the complete knowledge of Gurudatta Yoga* (a kind of yoga focusing on physical and mental strength building exercises and postures).


Goraksha, Macchindra and Meenanath went towards South. On the way was a dense forest. Macchindra said, "It's scary to even enter this jungle." Goraksha pacified him but thought to himself, "Why is my Guru so scared? He must be carrying some valuable! Otherwise why would a Yogi like him get scared?" Then Macchindra handed over Meenanath and his Zholi to Goraksha and left saying, "I am taking a different route. See you near the lake!" Goraksha peeped into the Zholi and found a gold brick in it and at once realized that this was the reason for Macchindra's fear. He threw that brick in the grass and kept a stone of the same weight in the Zholi. Later he reached near the lake along with Meenanath. At the same time even Macchindra reached there, taking a different route. He took back the Zholi and checked. He put his hand inside and found a stone. Goraksha asked, "That was the reason for your fear, wasn't it?" Macchindra replied, "You did a catastrophe!" He showered Goraksha with a spate of angry words. At that time Goraksha chanted a mantra and threw ash on the nearby mountain. The entire mountain turned into gold! Macchindra said to Goraksha, "You are the real philosopher's stone!" Goraksha asked, "Why had you kept the brick with you?" Macchindra replied, "I had planned to give a feast to many sages!" Goraksha said, "That's all, right! I will do the arrangements for the same!" and called the demigod, Chitrasen with the help of a mantra. He told him, "Send all demigods to invite all Yogis' and God's along with Macchindranath for a divine feast." Accordingly Chitrasen called all God's, Rishi's, Yogis, Charon*, Demigods, the God of Karma, Lokpaal*, Dikpaal*, the Trinity and all other Gods. Riddhisiddhi prepared delicious food and Macchindra gave a very big feast. That time Goraksha remembered Gahini. Taking Macchindra's permission he decided to call him. Gangabai and Madhu, the Brahmin was nurturing Gahini in their house. Macchindra sent a letter along with the Demigod Surochan to call the Brahmin along with Gahini.

The illuminated Brahmin Madhu, introduced Gahini to Goraksha and Macchindra and also told him; "Goraksha was the one who handed you over to me". Gahini bowed to everyone. He also got the opportunity of worshipping Lord Shankar. He said while patting down Gahini's back, "Karbhajan Rishi has incarnated in this body! Later I am going to incarnate as his disciple. So give me initiation now itself!"Goraksha gave the Secret Mantra to Gahini in the presence of Lord Shankar and many other Gods. It was decided that in the presence of Lord Shankar, Gahini will learn Yoga for a year. The illuminated Brahmin Madhu went back leaving Gahini behind. After a year it was decided to send Gahini back to him. Then Goraksha told Lord Kuber, "Take to heaven this Mountain which has been turned into gold. Give clothes and jewelry enough to bid adieu to the people present here." Lord Kuber said, Let this mountain be here. I will provide all the clothes and jewelry. This mountain will remain invisible." Then all the guests were honored with the clothes and jewelry given by Lord Kuber and they took Macchindra's leave. The Uparichar Vasu took Meenanath to Sinhala Island. He met Padmini aka Mainakini and gave Meenanath to her. He also told her, "Soon Macchindranath will also meet you!" Along with Lord Shankar, Gahini and Goraksha stayed on the Garbhadri Mountain for a year. After completing the Yoga lessons, Gahini was sent back to the illuminated Brahmin. The Garbhadri Mountain became invisible! Lord Shankar stayed there in the form of Giridevata*. He got the name Mhatardev, The Lord Vriddheshwar! After many years Macchindra and the other Nath's took Samadhi near Garbhadri.

Navnath Sampradaya
The Navnath sampradaya spreads the message of Krishna that God exists everywhere and not just in a particular form or lack thereof. The Avatar of Dattatreya (Unified form of the trinity) came on the mission on earth to dispel confusion of earthlings who thought the three are different.[citation needed]

The teachings of the Nath Sampradaya have, over the centuries, become labyrinthine in complexity and have assumed different forms in different parts of India. Its teaching emphasises that the Supreme Reality can be realised only within the heart.In the day-to-day instructions to their devotees the Nath Gurus seldom refer to the metaphysics discovered by the scholars in their teachings. Chanting of sacred hymns and devotional songs as well as the worship of the idols is a traditional feature of the sect.[citation ne


The coming of the Navnath - or nine prophets - is mentioned in the Mahabharata. Krishna called a meeting of all demi-gods, angels and saints to give his message of how he would continue his message of spreading good after his mission is over on earth. Krishna said he would send his own light in the form of nine saints or prophets, who will go to different parts of earth and throughout the universe where life exists. Lord Krishna also mentions that these prophets or saints will spread the message of Love, overcoming obstacles in order to unite with Mahavishnu or Shiva or Shakti. Krishna said that they would help only those who have good souls and true believers.